Visual Identity And Branding In Design

Where branding is concerned, it all has to do with what your target audience can see. What they see dictates how they will feel. If your brand’s visual identity is unimpressive, your target audience has no reason to trust you. The top digital branding agency recognizes that your visual identity helps you shape perception. It is a tool to create the right impression for your brand. It covers all the imagery and graphical information that defines your brand. Visual identity is an integral part of branding and has an essential relationship with your brand identity.

How Does Visual Identity Relate to Branding

When seeking a branding agency for small businesses for your business branding, you cannot do without visual branding. Although branding covers the full expression of what a brand is, including the non-visual elements like voice, mission statements, and more, it also includes visual identity. Your branding is an overall expression of who a brand is, and the visual identity focuses on the outside of a brand.

Vital Elements of Visual Identity

Your visual identity is like your visual language; its element creates meaning for your brand. There are many elements involved that a digital branding agency uses to create your visual identity.


When carrying out branding for startups, there are no graphics to work with. Graphics cover the picture asset of a brand. It could be a new design or drawing. Sometimes, you can go with shapes and forms. You can also settle for something more complex like an illustration, logo, or even animation.


This element is also an integral part of the visual identity. It is the text styling you want to associate with your brand, and they have different effects on the viewer. The best digital branding agency ensures that your logo wordmark and headline font are legible. You also need the font you choose for your body copy to be very legible.

Color Scheme

Colors are another way your customers can identify you, which is a part of visual. The best digital branding agency uses colors strategically to generate powerful emotional responses from viewers. You can choose to go with three different colors for your primary color, secondary color, and accent color.


The imagery covers the images and video content that make up your visual identity. This element relates more to your target audience because it allows them to empathize with your brand. People usually want to see themselves reflected in the brand they choose. Therefore, make sure your imagery reflects the everyday people or your target audience precisely.

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