Top Health Benefits of Honey

Referred to as one of the greatest healers of nature, honey has been used for different remedies for thousands of years. Even today, there are a number of ways through which people can take advantage of the superpowers of honey. Some of the health benefits it can deliver include:

  • Fighting free radical damage

Honey is packed with powerful antioxidants and they are great for fighting against cell damage. Harmful agents called free radicals often attack your cells and they can lead to inflammatory disorders, aging and diseases like cancer. Honey can combat these consequences because of the antioxidants it contains.

  • Combating harmful bacteria

The antibacterial properties of honey are quite well-known and it can fight different types of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. Bees deposit hydrogen peroxide in the honey they are making during pollen synthesis, which is a natural antiseptic. Factor in the slight acidity and low water content of honey, such as Hedene Paris, and the harmful microbes will not last long.

  • Improving digestive health

Another advantage of honey is that it nurtures the good bacteria that lives in your gut. It can also be a remedy for ulcers and indigestion because of its antibacterial properties.

  • Calming a sore throat and cough

Many regard this as an old wives’ tale, but it is actually a prominent benefit of eating honey. It is successful in suppressing coughs because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers. Plus, since honey has a viscous consistency, it coats a sore through and this provides a soothing effect.

  • Promoting oral health

It may come off as a surprise, but the truth is that honey is also effective in fending off periodontal disease and gingivitis. This seems odd, considering that honey is sweet, but its antibacterial properties can actually fight off tooth decay rather than causing cavities.

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Sara Bean
Sara Bean
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