The millennial dilemma of finding a job in this chaotic situation

In today’s date to find job opportunities is not a cakewalk. It’s all about your expertise, confidence, attitude, being at the right place at the right time and a pinch of luck. The struggle is real. Getting the right balance and striking a chord with the interviewer takes patience. With the prevalent trend of massive employee turnover, companies are more cautious now than ever. Many things such as subtle behavioural patterns could be a deal-breaker at times.

The millennial generation or ‘Millennials’ as we call them, are blessed, as they have witnessed most of the technological advancements and revolutions of their time first hand. Game changers like computers and the internet to start off with. The millennials experienced all of it happening around them. People from the previous generation were not well versed with technology integrated into work. Computers replaced dozens of outdated gadgets in and around the workplace. Having people who could work in sync with these machines was the need of the hour. Millennials make up a large chunk of the workforce, as many of them now enter or have already entered their 30’s. With the new batch of people coming into the workforce, new ideas get introduced, we see new patterns emerge. With newer job opportunities on the rise due to the internet boom, we can see a shift in the type of work and overall attitude towards the working environment. With the ever-increasing competition on a global scale. Each individual is looking for the best opportunities that not only satisfy them monetarily but also psychologically.

The major chunk of the employee turnovers consists of millennials. Job hopping can be seen at large. There can be multiple reasons that this is on the rise, may it be job satisfaction, work environment, better opportunities, better pay and so on. Studies have found out that millennials are more likely to switch careers or jobs rather than non-millennials.

Some people leave their jobs in pursuit of higher education and qualifications. These people might opt to leave the job completely or just find a side gig or a part time job that might be sustainable for them. Some workplaces now offer to support their employees while they pursue higher education or a degree. Companies are blending in with the overall work environment and attitude brought in by the new generations. There might also be a group that prefers working on their own terms and doing what they love.

This has also given an impetus to freelance job opportunities spread across the globe, catering to a plethora of jobs, gigs & services. One can even work remotely when it comes to freelance work.

With a younger generation at the heart of the workforce, it is certain that change will be an ongoing constant, where the system will need to adapt to the growing needs and demands of the workforce. It is up to us to pave the way for the next generation which might bring in their own charm and needs to the ecosystem.

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Mark Eltringham
Mark Eltringham
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