How Can You Make Work from Home More Effective During the Circuit Breaker

The COVID-19 doesn’t need to stop you from working hard! The pandemic doesn’t need to come between you and your goals if you have a good work ethic.

Especially in Singapore, many companies have decided to let their employees work from home. In many cases, they have experienced surprising benefits.

Well, the government requires remote working where possible even after circuit breaker. Thus, after Circuit Breaker to Work From Home will continue being a part of the work culture in the city state for some while. 

Here are some ways you can still work hard when you do so from your house:

Create Your Work Hours

One of the best parts of working from home is that you can make your own schedule. However, this doesn’t mean that your routine should change every other day.

Analyze the time at which you are the most productive. This time should also be in compliant with the period that you need to communicate with your clients and your boss. You should discipline yourself and be punctual.

Personal Time and Work Time Should Be Separated

With freedom, it is only natural for our brain to try and stray away from work. Well, you should only work when you are working.

Don’t try to mix your personal activities with your job. That will make you less focused, and the quality of the output will decrease. Furthermore, mixing your work with other things will just be time-consuming.

Dress Like in an Office

Studies show that people clothes affect the way people think and act by a huge degree. Did you know that wearing shoes makes you more focused? It is a mind trick.

If possible, try to wear professional clothes as you would do in an office. It will get you more focused and serious about the work, as you will get a sense that you are actually doing your job rather than a household chore.

Don’t Let the Pressure Get to You

People are losing jobs; this is becoming inevitable in Singapore. However, you should not let that demotivate you. Actually, companies in the city-state are getting various schemes to help retain their staff. (See the Singapore budget 2020 highlights)  If you are good at what you do, your firm will find one way or another to keep you. 

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